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Cross Purpose Ministries Visits WBFJ FM

Deane Groseclose of Cross Purpose Ministries

Verne Hill of WBFJ interviewed Deane Groseclose of Cross Purpose Ministries for its Sunday@5 program. WBFJ-FM broadcasts at 89.3 on the dial and serves Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and the surrounding communities. You can listen to a recording of the interview below.

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The Reworked Plan


In many respects, the miraculous beginning of the universe and all life-forms seems to have little relevance on the complicated details of our daily routines. But, when our circumstances become stressful, overwhelming, frustrating, or even boring, the contemplation of God’s creative power can bring needed perspective. For God to merely speak and call forth something…

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Illogical Logic


We’ve all heard the phrase, “fight fire with fire.” Its origins were obviously based upon a strategy still used today to fight wildfires. But it has been widely applied to a variety of human endeavors including warfare, politics, industry, and interpersonal relationships. Not only has this strategy proven successful in many situations, but the satisfaction…

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Christmas from a Different Angle

Have you ever had a birthday party where at least half of your invited friends didn’t acknowledge it was your birthday (they came because they thought certain others were coming), and most of the rest brought you a gift or card because they really wanted cake, ice cream and game prizes? It makes me wonder…

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