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The Meeting Place


I believe each Christ-follower occasionally goes through a difficulty that is completely perplexing: the reason and surrounding circumstances of the situation make no logical sense. The most maddening of those have no clear direction for handling/resolving, when doing nothing only allows the situation to worsen. I had one of those recently. An unidentified bug bit…

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Oh, That’s Bad. No, That’s Good.

There was a playful story we used to recite as children that required the listeners to respond, “Oh, that’s bad.” That comment would be immediately refuted as the story continued in a positive direction, evoking the comment, “Oh, that’s good,” to which the speaker would respond, “No, that’s bad,” as the story took a downward…

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Who is the Stranger?


Jesus used the analogy of a shepherd with his sheep to describe His relationship as the Son of God to the people He came to save. While thousands of sermons and commentaries speak to the truth and appropriateness of His illustration, there is a profound caveat we often miss. The loving, caring and sacrificial nature…

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Determining the Point of Need


Most of us Christ-followers have some level of difficulty applying spiritual concepts to the reality of daily living. While we feel encouraged by reading scripture and/or devotionals, are we actually putting these Truths into practice? In reality, our first course of action is to do whatever it is that we know to do – whether…

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Following Your Nose


In his later years, my father had a little dog who was a mouser. My dad trusted Pepper’s nose and would patiently dismantle wood-piles or move junk collectibles in the barn for hours to assist Pepper’s efforts to search, locate and destroy mice. When this process dragged on, I invariably concluded that Pepper was sniffing…

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Placing the Bar Within Reach


Moses as the leader of God’s people was a tough act for anyone to follow. Never in the history of man had any one participated in turning water into blood, dividing a sea of water into vertical walls lining a pathway, striking a rock and having abundant water gush out, or commanding the earth split…

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The Dog Ate It


“One day Jesus said to his disciples, ‘Let’s go over to the other side of the lake.’” Everyone piled into a boat, and while Jesus took a nap, such a violent storm hit them that the disciples were afraid they were going to drown. They woke Jesus up not so much because they expected Him…

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The Artist’s Signature


Every artist I know signs his or her work. It links the artist with stylistic qualities and themes, and designates the piece is finished, permanently identifying its creator. The latter aspect becomes more important with the passing of time and multiple owners. Without the signature, historical background as well as the purpose and process behind…

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