Linked Arms

Some of the most dramatic rescue video I’ve watched featured strangers linking arms to form a human chain to rescue a person who had fallen over the edge of a cliff.  The most inspiring thing was the way a diverse group united at great personal risk to accomplish what one…

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Covert Strategy

Fear is a many-tentacled monster that slithers its way into almost everything – very often, without being detected.  Most of us are good at recognizing common, more obvious fears, such as phobias and life- or health-threatening situations.  But we might fail to see that our angst behind which party wins…

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The Purpose of the Desert

Biblically speaking, the desert represents wilderness, hardship, isolation, basic unmet needs, feeling lost, etc. Christ-followers typically use the analogy to describe difficult spiritual, emotional and physical times. None of us likes feeling that we’re in a desert, and a major goal becomes getting out. The longer our desert experience continues,…

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Holding On

The biblical Jacob was known as a schemer who bought his brother’s birthright with a cup of stew, and stole His father’s blessing by pretending to be his brother, Esau.  The account of his life is a continual demonstration of self-sufficiency where not only did he succeed through deception, but…

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Hard Stop, Reset.

stop button

Technology is so much a part of our lives today that we don’t give it much thought until the computer crashes, the server goes down, or the smart phone malfunctions. Then we feel cut off from everyone and everything, without direction to continue functioning, and helpless to resolve the issue…

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Getting Unstuck

glue drip

We have an 18 month old grandson who is not yet verbal, but is very busy with discovery and exploring how things work. He has learned how to get on and off his scooter, and can motor with his feet, but has not figured out how to turn. So when…

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man stands alone

The prophet Isaiah lived at a critical time in Israelite history where the people were divided into two separate kingdoms: Israel, which had gone the way of idolatry and sin, and Judah, which was not quite as bereft as Israel only because they had rulers who would occasionally obey God.…

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Who’s Behind the Curtain?

wizard of oz

In the story of “The Wizard of Oz,” everyone feared the great and powerful Oz who appeared as a giant disembodied head with a thundering voice, encased in flame and smoke. Because of his superior knowledge and wizardry, a city was built around him, even though its citizens avoided his…

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