Growing Pains

toddler crying

When our oldest son was 2-years old, he had two favorite phrases, “NO!” and “I do it, I do it!”  Most of us are aware this is a normal developmental progression when a child realizes he is a separate person from his parents, and starts testing the limits.  But, I’ve…

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Stop Sinning

stop sign

“Stop sinning, or something worse may happen to you.” (John 5:14) Jesus spoke these words to the invalid He had healed at the Bethesda pool on a later encounter at the Temple, when the man was totally functional.  Because we think of Jesus as the Healer, operating in unconditional love,…

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The Fixer

man in workshop

Both my father and father-in-law grew up in the Depression Era, and were extraordinarily resourceful in finding solutions to fix most any problem they encountered.  My husband now carries on this tradition with the help of the internet.  I’ve observed how all these men in their humble ways have taken…

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Good Deeds

ant working

Years ago in a performance review, an employee said to me, “There are givers and takers in this world.  It makes you Christians feel good to give.  So, I am here to take.”  I was so shocked that I had no comeback.  But since then, those words have caused me…

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High Stakes

The Ziggy comics featuring the “Complaint Department” are so funny because they are snapshots of real life.  In our culture, complaining is so commonplace that were an alarm to sound every time we had a complaint or an attitude of complaining, the noise would be constant.  Often it starts with…

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What’s the Payoff?

brownie cake

Most of us will not undertake something difficult or distasteful to us unless we have a really good reason. The threat of a diabetic coma or anaphylactic shock is usually a good motivator to avoid certain tasty foods and take otherwise unwanted medications. Likewise, losing a driver’s license and serving…

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The Meeting Place


I believe each Christ-follower occasionally goes through a difficulty that is completely perplexing: the reason and surrounding circumstances of the situation make no logical sense. The most maddening of those have no clear direction for handling/resolving, when doing nothing only allows the situation to worsen. I had one of those…

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Oh, That’s Bad. No, That’s Good.

There was a playful story we used to recite as children that required the listeners to respond, “Oh, that’s bad.” That comment would be immediately refuted as the story continued in a positive direction, evoking the comment, “Oh, that’s good,” to which the speaker would respond, “No, that’s bad,” as…

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