Yeast Patrol

man kneading yeast bread

God made a big deal of commanding the Israelites to commemorate their exodus from Egyptian slavery by removing all yeast from their households every year for a seven-day festival to the Lord.  The haste in which the Israelites responded to God’s command to leave Egypt allowed no time for the…

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God’s Permissive Will

Whenever we pray the Lord’s Prayer, we are asking that God’s Kingdom manifest in our physical world, and that His will would be carried out exactly the same way that His will is absolute and dominate in Heaven. NOTHING takes place in Heaven that is not His will. This is…

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For Tumultuous Times


The days of the prophet Ezekiel were overwhelmingly frightening and full of despair. The northern kingdom had already been decimated by the Assyrians, and the Babylonians in Judah were escalating that level of destruction by pillaging God’s temple and burning all of Jerusalem. When it looked as if the entire…

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Prayer that Changes the World

earth viewed from space

I personally believe Ephesians is one of the most powerful books of the Bible because of the profound spiritual revelation Paul gives, followed by prayer for us as believers. His prayers are earnest, intense, and laser-focused, as Paul’s heart-desire was that we would understand and appropriate these Truths. While each…

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The Key to Answered Prayer

Most of us are familiar with the scripture from James 5:16, “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” It is a wonderful truth to apply when we really need to see our prayers answered. But all too often, it seems our prayers are adrift in the wind…

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