About Cross Purpose Ministries

Cross-Purpose Ministries places a primary importance on personal relationship with Christ, followed closely by the need for healthy interpersonal relationships. Our vision is to be a spiritual wellness center for those who hurt, filling the gap between the church and traditional psychological counseling through a process based on the truth of scripture. Our process differs from standard counseling in that we don’t just provide some steps to follow, instead we first look to scripture and prayer to develop a stronger relationship with Christ.

Cross-Purpose Ministries is a Christian, faith-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded by Tom and Deane Groseclose. Our staff and volunteers share in our vision for followers of Christ to live in the freedom and abundant life Jesus came to give.

Tom and Deane Groseclose

tom-deane-groseclose Cross-Purpose Ministries was founded in part from the miracles Tom and Deane experienced in their own marriage. After three tumultuous years of dating, Tom and Deane were married in 1977. Instead of entering into the fairy-tale marriage of their dreams, they struggled in their relationship, coming to the brink of divorce twice in the first seven years of marriage. “I felt God had allowed my entire world to fall apart, and was seriously considering suicide, when a life-changing event with Jesus set me on a new course in life,” Deane says. “We thank God for the work he did to resurrect our dead marriage. With a new-found focus on God, we established a Christ-centered home where we raised three sons together.”

Today, Tom and Deane have almost 30 years of marriage and family counseling experience. They both have training from the American Association of Christian Counselors and Life Innovations, and have assisted two churches in launching a marriage and family ministry, as well as serving on staff at one church for eight years.