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God at the Crossroads

A Life Journey Devotional

Every day our lives are full of choices, from the mundane "what's for dinner" to the more life altering decisions of taking a new job or moving to a new city. Author Deane Groseclose learned years ago that it's impossible to make these decisions alone. At each crossroads we come to, if we face those decisions with God by our side, we are much better equipped to do what's right for ourselves, our family, and our future.

Build And Strengthen Your Personal Relationship With God

The 100 devotionals published in God at the Crossroads reflect Deane's own personal relationship with God, and her need for His instruction and help navigating the choices and struggles of daily life. Through her own study, she hopes to pass on inspiration to others who are yearning for guidance in daily living and especially for a deeper relationship with Christ.  The devotionals are grouped into three categories so that the reader can start at the point of greatest need or greatest interest.


God's CharacterLearning about who God is and how He has been a part of human history provides a foundation for our faith.

Finding HopeEven when we might be in a dark time, through scripture and faith in Christ we can find a way to move forward.

Living Fulfilled – These devotionals address the issues that arise during daily life and help the reader find God in all things.


To maximize meditative time with God, each devotional is followed by question prompts for making personal notes.

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