What’s the Payoff?

brownie cake

Most of us will not undertake something difficult or distasteful to us unless we have a really good reason. The threat of a diabetic coma or anaphylactic shock is usually a good motivator to avoid certain tasty foods and take otherwise unwanted medications. Likewise, losing a driver’s license and serving jail time could keep us…

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When Bad Things Happen

broken plate

Bad things happen to all of us, but some seem to get more than their share. If we stop to contemplate it at all, we likely look first for something the person did to contribute to their condition. What about them keeps them from receiving God’s blessing, favor, and/or protection? This question from a human…

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Trapped in the Storm


On his journey to Rome, the Apostle Paul did not have the advantage of air travel, so he went by sea, switching ships at various ports. Without modern storm detection equipment, Paul’s ship became swamped by an unexpected northeaster that rendered them helpless to navigate. The storm was so violent that the crew ran ropes…

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What’s in a Name?

name badges

Most expectant parents dedicate much thought (if not prayer) to naming their baby. For good or bad, that name becomes an identity element, which means that changing it is a big deal. All of us probably know someone who has changed their name because they felt it didn’t properly reflect who they are. But in…

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The Meeting Place


I believe each Christ-follower occasionally goes through a difficulty that is completely perplexing: the reason and surrounding circumstances of the situation make no logical sense. The most maddening of those have no clear direction for handling/resolving, when doing nothing only allows the situation to worsen. I had one of those recently. An unidentified bug bit…

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Oh, That’s Bad. No, That’s Good.

There was a playful story we used to recite as children that required the listeners to respond, “Oh, that’s bad.” That comment would be immediately refuted as the story continued in a positive direction, evoking the comment, “Oh, that’s good,” to which the speaker would respond, “No, that’s bad,” as the story took a downward…

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Who is the Stranger?


Jesus used the analogy of a shepherd with his sheep to describe His relationship as the Son of God to the people He came to save. While thousands of sermons and commentaries speak to the truth and appropriateness of His illustration, there is a profound caveat we often miss. The loving, caring and sacrificial nature…

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Determining the Point of Need


Most of us Christ-followers have some level of difficulty applying spiritual concepts to the reality of daily living. While we feel encouraged by reading scripture and/or devotionals, are we actually putting these Truths into practice? In reality, our first course of action is to do whatever it is that we know to do – whether…

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