The Kingdom of God Is Here

When we think of the Kingdom of God, do we see ourselves living in it here and now, or is it something far away to be attained?  For the most part, I believe we see the Kingdom of God as very different from our current state of existence, because we…

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Just Add Water

water being poured into a glass

Many years ago, there were TV commercials introducing instant coffee, instant tea, instant gravy, and instant soups.  “Just add water!” was the tagline.  It was such a wonderous thing to have immediate access to foods and beverages that used to take 30 minutes to hours to prepare. On our recent…

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God’s Permissive Will

Whenever we pray the Lord’s Prayer, we are asking that God’s Kingdom manifest in our physical world, and that His will would be carried out exactly the same way that His will is absolute and dominate in Heaven. NOTHING takes place in Heaven that is not His will. This is…

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Starting a New Year

For the Lord delights in his people;     he crowns the humble with victory. 5 Let the faithful rejoice that he honors them.     Let them sing for joy as they lie on their beds. 6 Let the praises of God be in their mouths,     and a sharp sword in their hands—              Psalm 149:4-6 This past…

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Thankfulness Reset


Many of us have experienced surprising joy by simply adopting an attitude of being thankful. While it is more natural to have an initial “screaming meemies” response to difficulties, navigating to the other side of the issue generally elicits relief and gratefulness. That was where the Pilgrims found themselves after…

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Not What It Seems

The Sunday school lesson of Samson taught to children presents him as a Herculean character, the strongest man in the world.  His brute strength enabled him to tear a lion apart with his bare hands, to shred new ropes binding him by simply flexing his muscles, and to kill 1000…

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The Purpose of the Desert

Biblically speaking, the desert represents wilderness, hardship, isolation, basic unmet needs, feeling lost, etc. Christ-followers typically use the analogy to describe difficult spiritual, emotional and physical times. None of us likes feeling that we’re in a desert, and a major goal becomes getting out. The longer our desert experience continues,…

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Getting Unstuck

glue drip

We have an 18 month old grandson who is not yet verbal, but is very busy with discovery and exploring how things work. He has learned how to get on and off his scooter, and can motor with his feet, but has not figured out how to turn. So when…

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