Is That Mildew??

When God gave the Law to Moses, He went into a lot of detail with regard to handling mildew that might appear on articles of clothing, leather, and containers, as well as on walls of houses.  The Lord was very specific about the various types of mildew, the tests to use to distinguish which was…

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The Party of the Year

Some people like parties more than others, but almost everyone will make an effort to celebrate a birthday, largely because it is an opportunity to honor a person close to us. Although God did not command we celebrate birthdays like He commanded the ancient Israelites to celebrate specific festivals, I have to think he is…

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The Sky Is Falling

baby chick

Henny Penny is a character from an English fairy tale that we know better as Chicken Little. This little chick gets hit on the head by a falling acorn, and mistakenly believes that a piece of sky has fallen.  The disintegration of the sky is extraordinarily alarming – not to mention dangerous – so in…

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Covert Strategy

Fear is a many-tentacled monster that slithers its way into almost everything – very often, without being detected.  Most of us are good at recognizing common, more obvious fears, such as phobias and life- or health-threatening situations.  But we might fail to see that our angst behind which party wins the election, or managing family/work/school…

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Pondering Fearlessness


I used to view myself as rather intrepid, able to take on what the world was dishing out.  Years of life experience have revealed the naivety and complete error of that position.  In fact, it seems that world and societal conditions have become more fearful every day, whether stemming from destructive weather events, world-wide pandemics,…

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In My Opinion

founding documents

Freedom of speech is one of the landmark rights that US citizens hold dearly and will take to court to defend.  While the court cases usually also involve other constitutional issues, much of our need for expression boils down to airing our opinions.  Most of us probably don’t realize how strong that drive is until…

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Giving Credit Where It Is Due

angry woman

Have you ever worked really hard on a project – long hours with sleepless nights – and achieved great success, only to have a boss, family member, or someone else take the credit for it? #%@!#@X&%!! Pride is the source of this terrible, infamous human failing. Pride operates in both the arrogant audacity of stealing…

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Mixing It Up

cup and ball painting

The cup game has been around for a long time.  The objective is to follow the cup with the bean seed underneath as it is mixed and shuffled with two other empty cups.  While it sounds like a simple thing to track, most of us get it wrong when the shuffling stops and we have…

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