Pushing and Shoving

Only on the football field and in other contact sports is pushing and shoving considered appropriate behavior. Otherwise, responsible parents teach their children to be considerate of others and to wait their turns. While you can visit any playground and find kids that have yet to master that lesson, most of the children are behaving…

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Starting a New Year

For the Lord delights in his people;     he crowns the humble with victory. 5 Let the faithful rejoice that he honors them.     Let them sing for joy as they lie on their beds. 6 Let the praises of God be in their mouths,     and a sharp sword in their hands—              Psalm 149:4-6 This past year has held significant disappointment…

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What to Do?

My father and my husband’s father were part of what was known as “the greatest generation.” Both served our country during World War II, practiced sacrificial devotion to their families, and were men of quiet strength and tremendous integrity. They were men of moral character that was reinforced through their actions. Even though they lived…

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The Fixer

man in workshop

Both my father and father-in-law grew up in the Depression Era, and were extraordinarily resourceful in finding solutions to fix most any problem they encountered.  My husband now carries on this tradition with the help of the internet.  I’ve observed how all these men in their humble ways have taken personal satisfaction in being able…

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Giving Credit Where It Is Due

angry woman

Have you ever worked really hard on a project – long hours with sleepless nights – and achieved great success, only to have a boss, family member, or someone else take the credit for it? #%@!#@X&%!! Pride is the source of this terrible, infamous human failing. Pride operates in both the arrogant audacity of stealing…

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What is Truth?

street signs with question mark

The search for truth is an age-old quest of man.  We want truth that makes sense, based on evidence, until the evidence changes and we have to look for other criteria.  Perhaps truth should be based on what is right, or maybe on belief systems.  But that truth becomes shifting sands, as there are almost…

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Big God or Little God

measuring tape

How odd that the God Who created the universe and all matter, can exceed the limitations of our minds in His greatness, while also seeming so distant and powerless in our daily lives. We read of His exploits of dividing a sea of water into two vertical walls providing a dry path through the middle,…

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The Secret Holiness of Christmas


I’ve often wondered how it felt to be one of the shepherds that witnessed thousands of angels igniting the dark night sky in glorious, celebratory praise to our Savior being born. Those men had no pre-announcement or warning of any kind: the routine stillness of the evening punctuated by insect sounds and the crackle of…

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