Discerning Truth

We live in the information age where we can look up most anything by speaking into our phones.  That instant gratification generally has us more focused on getting answers than in taking the time to vet the answers, or their sources.  If the answer seems plausible, that is usually good enough. For those who do…

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broken bulb

I have been working with a corporation the last several months to accomplish an assignment the Lord first introduced to me over three years ago.  I had never done anything like this before, so I knew I needed God’s direction, His supply and His perfect timing.  This was His project, and I wanted everything associated…

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What is the Kingdom of Heaven Like?


God created man with a zeal for obtaining knowledge, making discovery a special euphoric experience.  Satisfying man’s curiosity brought about the invention of the wheel, and has continued beyond the technology for space travel.  Yet the illusive exploration of the afterlife has remained: is it real, what does it look like, who is there, and…

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