Parent & Family Counseling

Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. —Romans 12:10

Today’s families face a variety of challenges.

  • Parents wonder how to discipline their child while still showing their love.
  • Over-taxed parents are stressed with the demands of home and work and find little time to devote to the important quality time so necessary in family life.
  • Blended families face struggles with merging parenting philosophies.
  • Single parents struggle with the burden of carrying the responsibilities of two people on one set of shoulders.

Cross-Purpose Ministries is here for you, no matter what challenges your family is facing. God, the creator of family, intended we embark on these relationships with Him, not apart from him. We start with the Bible to shed truth and wisdom on family matters, as well as using inventories such as Prepare/Enrich or FOCCUS to help understand familial relationships.

We work to support and uplift families through workshops, seminars, retreats and individual counseling sessions through our Biblical model.

Contact us to learn more about how we might help you strengthen your family and find strength and purpose in all your relationships.