Discerning Truth

We live in the information age where we can look up most anything by speaking into our phones.  That instant gratification generally has us more focused on getting answers than in taking the time to vet the answers, or their sources.  If the answer seems plausible, that is usually good…

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broken bulb

I have been working with a corporation the last several months to accomplish an assignment the Lord first introduced to me over three years ago.  I had never done anything like this before, so I knew I needed God’s direction, His supply and His perfect timing.  This was His project,…

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Is That Mildew??

When God gave the Law to Moses, He went into a lot of detail with regard to handling mildew that might appear on articles of clothing, leather, and containers, as well as on walls of houses.  The Lord was very specific about the various types of mildew, the tests to…

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Compartmentalizing Jesus

library card catalog

Today’s headlines enumerate all the factions within our nation that can leave us with heavy hearts and a myriad of opinions regarding solutions.  We find that even well-intended people are disagreeing sharply.  About 2000 years ago when a heated division over leadership in the early Corinthian church arose, the Apostle…

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The Pot and the Kettle

There is an old saying when someone accuses another person of doing what the accuser is actually doing: “The pot is calling the kettle black.”  Another common way of communicating this message is, “It takes one to know one.”  Both of these sayings are true and time proven. Paul made…

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WANTED: Wisdom


In our country’s current climate, there is seemingly no end to opinions and recommendations, but where is wisdom? If the world pandemic is to be resolved through science and a vaccine, then why are cases increasing unabated? Added to that is the attempt to quiet racial tensions with a combination…

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Pondering Fearlessness


I used to view myself as rather intrepid, able to take on what the world was dishing out.  Years of life experience have revealed the naivety and complete error of that position.  In fact, it seems that world and societal conditions have become more fearful every day, whether stemming from…

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In My Opinion

founding documents

Freedom of speech is one of the landmark rights that US citizens hold dearly and will take to court to defend.  While the court cases usually also involve other constitutional issues, much of our need for expression boils down to airing our opinions.  Most of us probably don’t realize how…

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